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call: 831 459 0868
email: ward@wardcoffeyshapes.com
address: 402 Ingalls St #13B, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

hours: Tue - Sat 10 - 4
These hours are flexible.
Appointments are always a good idea, feel free to give me a call.


Damon Mahoney said...

Ward - I like the new format - looking forward to watching the evolution.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Ward.

Just wanted to give you a HUGE 'thank you' for the great board design. I was a little apprehensive about the 2 5/8 thickness, however, it seems to be working out fine. I have noticed more stability, maneuverability and 'all-around-funtimes' with the board! Seriously, I felt like I had a pair of silk slippers on...it was riding so smooth (even for Ocean Beach). Also, I definitely landed some drops that would have, because of my evolving delayed pop-up, left me digging for pearls. Instead it has been forgiving enough to give me extra time to get to my feet and still catch up with the pocket. What a great feeling! I have you to thank for this!

Don't be surprised if you see us around November or December for Christmas Fish!

Many thanks and much gratitude,

Scott & Family