A Shaper's Quiver

For many years now my performance, "go to" quiver has consisted of 3 boards.

The 6'2" squash is for the average, waist to slightly overhead surf. This board is a good grovel board and likes softer waves.

The 6'4" round pin is the utility, all around board for head high to 8 foot surf. This board has the biggest range and during fall and winter in Santa Cruz gets surfed the most.

The 6'9" is simply an extended version of the 6'4" with a pulled in tail. This board gets whipped out when the surf has a bit more grunt, in the 8 - 12 foot range. Anything bigger than that and I move into my gun quiver which is another story.

For this year I put a little more curve into the outlines which I'm really digging. All in all, a 3 board quiver like this has treated me well. What kind of quiver is working for you?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ward,

I came across your blog, which has been a joy to check in on.

It's funny that you posted this because just the other day I was wondering what type of quivers shapers have.

Currently I switch between two boards, a 9'6" traditional longboard (knee to head high) and a 7'8" thruster (chest to overhead).

It would also be cool if you could take photos of boards you have for sale in the shop and post them up every now and then. Keep up the good work.


Surfy Surfy! said...

Super clean! I always liked the theme airbrush concept. Kinda like when bands used to all get the same haircut and wear the same suit.