Cole's Airbrush

Here's why ultra talented people piss me off sometimes. About 10 years ago I trained Cole to airbrush boards. He got good quick. In fact, he was pulling good rail tape offs from the start. He ended up spraying boards for me throughout high school and I was stoked. He was a good kid and a talented surfer, musician, and student. You could just see it in his hands.

Well off to college he went, got his masters, and got married. I hadn't seen much of him during those years until recently. He was in town and called me about getting a new board. He asked if he could do the spray job, said he hadn't airbrushed a board in years and wanted to take a crack at it. "No worries," I said, and I shaped him up a nice 6'2.

Well, we arranged for him to come by during lunch time to check out the shape. He figured it was a good time to spray the board so I showed him the spray room and where everything was and left for lunch.

This is what I came back to, a beautiful racy spray job, fades, pinlines, and all, in such a short time. I asked him what he thought of it and he just said, "Ahh, it's all right." The master of the understatement. And again I am humbled.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah....the blue to white fade in the center is kind of abrupt...