Joel walked into the shop the other day with 2 boxes filled with magazines and said he was clearing out some of his stuff. As it turned out, he had a pretty complete collection of Surfer's Journals. Two of those years were subscriptions I gave him as a gift and I was able to glean a few copies I was missing. Now I've got the full monte. Stoked.

Well that little exercise reminded me of a photo of some of my Clark tee shirts that I took shortly after Grubby shut the whole thing down. These were the good ones, my work shirts were thrashed and a different story. They were given to me by the Clark truck drivers when they delivered blanks or when I stopped by headquarters. When I think about it, some of them are probably 20 or so years old. Where does the time go?

Well of course I had to throw my logo shirts into the fray. Which reminds me, it's time to do another print run. Anyone interested?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ward from pacifica, We would like to order about four or five. :)

Should I send you an email for more details?