The Egg with an Attitude

Gary had a pretty clear idea what he wanted for his next board. A board just under 7', 16" nose, 23" wide, 16" tail. We fiddled around with some templates so we could maximize the outline curve.

By throwing in a set of wings we were able to decrease the tail width and create a nice pivot point around the fin cluster.

Again, by going with the 5 box option this will be a very versatile board. So depending on his attitude and what the conditions dictate, Gary should be able to hatch a plan that will keep his stoke going.

For Gary's insight on the board, check out Srfnff.


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srfnff said...

Ward, I can't thank you enough for this great board. Working with you to finalize my thoughts on the design elements put the finishing touches on a board that does exactly what I want it to do. Also, none of this was possible without your superior skills, knowledge, and experience. I know that's laying it on a little thick, but...without you bro' I got a head full of ideas and nothing to show for it.

Now the next thing I want to see is your boys ripping on a 6-10 SUP!