Sacred Balsa

This 9'8" solid balsa gun has been sitting up in the racks in my shaping room collecting dust for quite a while. It was 75% shaped out but for one reason or another I was stuck on how I wanted to finish the shape out and what to do for the tail block. When the Sacred Craft show came around I was inspired to finally dust it off, finish the shape, and get it glassed up.

I chose to do a simple mahogany tail block and to put a cord loop on it.

A single fin box fits nicely in between the wedge stringer. The board has some very interesting wood with a lot of character. The gloss and polish just seems to makes the wood glow.

This board struck a cord and I was very pleased to show it at the Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo. For me this is what the whole thing is about: top quality custom built boards.

Congrats to the brave shapers who reproduced the Bradbury Designs. Most of them didn't even use templates. Very bold! And a very special shout out to Doug and Dave at Handcrafted and to JP and Peter at Moonlight Glassing for being such good torchbearers for the local Mom and Pop glass shops that do world class quality work and are the envy of all.

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