Brushing Up On Old Ideas

While I had my paint brushes out and was making a mess, Jim and Steve stopped by to order a couple of boards for an upcoming trip. Jim asked if I was having a flashback because some of the stuff looked like the boards I was painting and riding in the mid 80's.

Surfer Feb 1987, photo: Woody Woodworth

Well, yeah, I guess I was, only this time around I'm not sporting a mullet and a fluorescent yellow and blue wetsuit.


johno said...

I think the 'stache needs to make a comback as well.

ward coffey said...

that's a poor excuse for a 'stache, in fact my kids thought that was a piece of kelp on my upper lip!

Anonymous said...

I love this photo! Sometimes when we were at the shop late at night, whacked out on car paint and resin fumes, Eric and I would search through the magazines you had in the shop looking for this photo. Sammy