New Blue Glue

This is one of my favorite pin ups in the lamination room.

It really was fitting when Resin Research came out with their CE formula. This epoxy resin is the most user friendly stuff out there and has been the go to resin for all my Styrolite boards.

If you've ever been in a lamination room, you would be as befuddled as Mr Knox at how gooey...


and colorful things can get.

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Anonymous said...

I put the same Dr. Suess page up on the wall in your lam room back in '97 or so. Sometime later I either took it down or made a copy and took it with me, because it's hanging on the wall in my office now. I'm looking at it right now. I remember like it was yesterday - although it was when I was working in your shop full time, more than 10 years ago - looking at the book (was it "Fox in Socks" or "Green Eggs and Ham") and thinking "blue goo!". Whatever. Glad to see you still have a copy on the wall. Sammy