Greg's 2 + 1

Greg had been using a friends 6'5" CI twinfin as his "go to" board for Ocean Beach. Being a fan of foam, he was stoked on the extra volume this retro design provided.

I'm a sucker for the flat deck, beaked nose, pulled in tail, and down turned rails. When someone brings in a board like that asking for a copy or update, with no hesitation I'll say, "Let's do it!" already thinking about what blank to pull the board out of.

The 2 + 1 gives you some options but is really best set up as a twin with a small back trailer for stability. Future Fins makes a nice T1 series for this setup.

The details in designs like this are what make these boards fly. Fluted wings and slick pinlines with a gloss and polish just add to the whole deal of a custom board.

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Greg said...

The board looks even better in the flesh, and works just like I hoped it would. The surf has finally started getting more consistent up here, and I've had it out in all kinds of conditions. It even holds in decent size waves. The care you took shows, I really appreciate it. Thanks