Twins and Channels

Matt has always liked variety in his quiver. For this fall, he decided to create a modern twin fin and to revamp his old 6 channel step up board.

This twin fin with glass on fins follows the same basic rocker profile, rail shape, and overall volume that his thrusters have had in the past. We just ran a little more vee out the back to make up for the lack of a center fin.

Taking his old 6'2" and stretching it up to 6'4", we made a true step up board that he can go to when the waves are pumping.

Yes, it's a glasser's nightmare, but the simplicity of no moving parts and a sand job that is as fine tuned as the shaped blank when it left my shaping room is what this deal is all about. These things take time and are expensive to make. But after you ride one, you may justify scrimping on those lattes so you can throw down and get into the groove.

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