4x4 at the Fun Factory

Thomas C ponders the possibilities of his new quad fish. We've recently collaborated on a few surfboard projects with some really good results.

With this board we've focused on maximizing the performance features in the design. By pulling in the tail, adding tail rocker, and redesigning the bottom contours, the board feels super responsive, cranks off the bottom, and seamlessly transitions into tight snappy turns off the top. I've paired the board with the Future Fins V2F4 Quads which by all reports is the go to set up.

Like all projects, things keep evolving. And I'm completely stoked in the direction it's going.


Anonymous said...

What are the dims on that thing? Looks insane.

ward coffey said...

The board measures out at 5'11" 15 3/4" nose x 20 1/2" wide x 15 7/8" tail, 2 5/8' thick

Anonymous said...

Hi ward,
what dims would you recommend for this board for me....
my dims- 6' 170 lbs
surfing- 20yrs goofy
Mostly Ocean Bch. Waddell, Lane

current boards.....that work for me
6'4 epoxy 19.35x 2.35
6'4 tri fishy 20.25 x 2.5
6'6 tri (one of yours) 11.25 x 19 x 14 x 2 7/16

ward coffey said...

If you are comfortable with going down in length, maybe 6'0" or 6'1". same basic dims as the one I posted. these boards are fairly racey and not at all clunky like some of the retro shapes that have been in vogue.