Look up in the sky. It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's Spudnik! Sean takes an earthly view of his new "mini Simmons" inspired craft. At 4'10" x 22" this board is closer to a bar of soap than a surfboard. But Sean says, "this thing is out of this world and puts me in a whole new orbit!"

Interesting feedback. Could this be the new space race in board design?


Jeff Smith said...

That is a sweet stick, Mr. Ward. Old and new skook brew.

Matt said...

You are creating the coolest stuff in SC, Ward. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Ward-Could you describe the bottom contours on that board? Is it a hull? or did you do a concave of some sort? thanks Josh. Also enjoyed the SF nightlife gig.

ward coffey said...

Josh, the bottom is pretty basic in the set up, little roll up front, flat mid section,slight vee out the back. what I do then is a single to double concave through the body of the board, the pinlines outline the area.
Yeah, that was a very fun event at the Academy of Science. good to see old friends and catch up,enjoyed talking about boards, but lost my voice at the end.
Got really good waves at Sloat st. earlier in the day! Stoked!