Board Meeting

When the folks at Duke University's Nicholas Foundation asked me to come up with a board to present to Bill Reilly during a recent board meeting, it was only natural that I created a board that fit his values. Bill's had a lifelong commitment to oceans, having most recently led President Obama's commission to investigate the causes of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Bill helped create the EPA, ran the World Wildlife Fund for years and now chairs the boards of companies as well as green causes. 

The board I put together used Marko Foam's E blank, a blank made with 100% recycled styrofoam, Entropy's Super Sap BioResin, a 40% biobased epoxy, and fins from FCS's GreenFlex project. Put them together and you have a board that is mindful, green, and environmentally aware. 

Bill was stoked to get the board, said he had a pretty big pond at his place to try the board out before he hits the ocean. I'm thinking consulting on a wave pool and private surf lessons might have to be put on the agenda at the next "board" meeting. 

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