A Potter's Collection

Arguably, Joel sports one of the best collections of my boards that I know of. His quiver influence is no doubt from the "Hynson red fin" era and his search for the sleek, wood rich, triple stringers has carried us along for more than 20 years of fiddling around with curves, foils, and fin set ups.

The boards in his current collection include, from front to back: 7'4" and 7'6" thrusters with Bonzer style double concaves through the fin cluster.
His new 8'10" Styrolite (his current favorite). A 9'8" Cowells Cruzer. Then there's what I consider the cat's meow, a 9'8" pipeliner style board that I shaped for his 50th birthday and have had the pleasure to ride on a flawless big day at Natural Bridges. Followed up by an 8'8" that we used as a baseline for the new 8'10" Styrolite board. And lastly, a 7'10" mini noserider that functions as a cheater longboard in certain conditions.

Like a compass or a good star to guide you, a mentor sheds light along the path. In this case, Joel is my North Star. You see, Joel is one of the areas most talented potters and his gift inspires and brings out the best in my shaping and at times allows me to call myself an artisan.

His simple pearls of wisdom passed along over the years have included: "you must doubt and believe in yourself in the same fashion as you inhale and exhale" and "as you meet failures along the way, accept the ruins, pick up the pieces, place them in the bin, and begin anew with resolve to find what you seek." These and many more illuminations have provided hours of pondering in the shaping room.

One of the reasons for sharing Joel's work is to give you a heads up. If you find yourself passing through Davenport this weekend you might want to check out his Midsummers Eve Pottery Sale. His ocean view studio is stunning and his wares are laid out in style. Plus Joel knows how to throw a party. There will be music, BBQ delights, and good spirits to wet your thirst after a north coast surf session.

For more info and directions to his studio, go to Joel's website at www.DarkHorsePottery.com.


Anonymous said...

I have just received a piece ... no ... two ... of your pottery. I am so touched by the subtlety of the gingko design. The school that I teach in has a rather substantial gingko tree ... over 100 years old. I t is a mighty tree to say the least. To have a piece of yours connected to my good friend Susan Argo means more to me than I can tell you. Thank you!

Pam Deringer
Chestertown, MD

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your sensitive tribute to Joel Magen. I met Joel fifteen years ago on the wedding day of my daughter Susan and Keith Greeninger high in the mountains of Aptos.
I was also fortunate to attend his daughter's wedding and meet his parents. I'm sorry for the passing of Joel's father. Must be Joel inherited his father's charisma.

When I managed a Maryland Eastern Shore marina gift store, I introduced his stunning pottery to mariners cruising on the Chesapeake Bay. Imagine - a hundred year old vegetable warehouse directly on the water. I kept his pottery in an old showcase. When the tides were high or storms were about, water rose a good 4 - 8 inches up over the wooden floor.
An otter kept her nest near the far end of the store. Don't you think Joel's pottery was happy there!

This year on our Christmas holiday, my husband and I stopped by Santa Cruz Pottery to add to our collection. I'm expecting the box to arrive any day now.
While we were visiting with Joel, he showed us one of your boards and spoke with such admiration about you and your craft. I was happy to read even more about your remarkable life.

We weren't able to visit Dark Horse Pottery this trip. Thank you for the photos of it on your web site.

Again, Joel is a remarkable soul. I appreciate his poet's soul, as I am Poet-in-Residence for Maryland Schools. Yes, he did read a poem for us!
Susan Argo