Day Trippin'

This is one of the places we consider our backyard. It's a short drive from town but seems worlds away at times. The scale of the land and the curve of the coast let you know that these places still have some wild to them.

Today was my boys' first surf trip to the famed cove.

A perfect pint sized day for the groms.

Remnants of the old coast highway are a reminder of days past.

A very special thanks to Gary Strachan for his stewardship of this reserve.


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Going Green

This is my latest "grass roots" attempt at making a "greener" surfboard.

Off to the Glass Shop


Peter's 5'6" Fish

An epoxy fish with glass-on speed dialer fins? Yep, you bet, light and zippy.

Peter's pretty stoked but I think it's because we matched the logo to his red shoes.

Lance's Convertible Fun Gun

Lance has been getting boards from me for a while and has his equipment dialed. On this board, we've increased the range of his standard go-to board.

The quad set up really flies on those fat high tide days.

And the thruster set up feels rock solid in the grinding barrels.

Net result: your beach cruiser now has an extra set of gears.


Reno Dave's Noserider

Reno Dave's a great guy. His 9'10" was a treat to make. In fact, I never get tired of the classics.

Triple stringers in dark wood and volan with a clean lap cut is enough to make one's heart soar.

Doug and Dave at Santa Cruz Board Builder's Guild did a great job.

Single Fin Red

This board came out sweet. Wide point forward and crisp edges throughout. The Rainbow 7.5 TK Flex really ads spring and pop to the ride.

If I Had a Hammer

1984. With hammer in hand, the runner blitzs through the lobotomized masses of a monoculture. And in a moment of unfettered determination she lets fly a throw that even Thor would be proud of. The hammer hits home and the image of Big Brother explodes, sending out light and rays of hope. The rage against the machine finds its voice and everybody is ready to listen.

This all happened on Super Bowl Sunday and was the beginning of Macintosh. Well, this Orwellian scene now finds a parallel in the Ward Coffey Shapes universe. Though maybe not as earth shattering as Apple's launch, it's a big deal to us. Because after too many years of staring at the same old stale website, we are tearing it down and breaking out a new blog site that we believe will inspire and stoke any wave rider.

We hope that sharing the images of surfcraft, stories of boards, and the people who spin in our orbit will make our time on this big blue ball more fun.

Oh yeah, as far as the Apple board goes, I'll be doing a story on that project soon. Stay tuned.

1984 you tube video