Gremlin in the Shop

These little devils start showing up at the shop when I'm on a big push to get a bunch of boards done. This time of year things get cranking and long days and late nights become the rule. So sometimes it's nice to have a little company and an extra set of eyes to keep me focused on the job at hand.


Fall Colors

With a crispness in the air, nights and mornings have had a chill that makes Mother Nature take notice and bring out her fall colors. Tuned in surfers also take note and oranges and rich reds are always popular this time of year. Thanks to all the colorful people who share the stoke and make this whole adventure happen.

Happy Thanksgiving!


What the Pros Ride

The Big Top was in town and the Coldwater Classic at Steamer Lane had all the thrills and spills that make a three ring circus good theater. The waves and conditions were testament to why those rabid rumors fly around about where Surf City USA really is.

Dusty Payne was in town for the event and lost a fin so his dad stopped by the shop to see if I could do a rush fix job. As always, I'm stoked to step up, let our local know how shine, and take care of our little tribe of surf savvy travelers. And just as importantly, it's a great way to meet new people, talk story, and learn about their part of the world. Also, as a shaper, it's great to look at the equipment and see how that all translates into our everyday boards. What the pros ride really does have a trickle down effect on what us mere mortals surf.

Dusty also had one of those "Dumpster Diver" boards that Dane Reynolds has been riding. Talk about 1984 gone 2009. Very cool. In fact, I shaped out one for myself using the numbers. So don't be surprised to see me on a Stubby in the coming week.


Stoked Grommet

Jason wanted a pure twin fin for small everyday surf. Just so happens I have templates and dimensions from some original MR boards from back in the day.

The main changes I'm making to the twins are lower, thinner rails, a slight single to double concave, and an overall foil and thickness flow that is closer to modern performance shapes. Also, the Styrolite construction gives these small wave zippers more pop.