LogJam Raffle Board

Here's your chance to get an insane board for the simple purchase of a raffle ticket at this weekend's Big Stick LogJam.

Logjam! 2012

April 28-29th, 2012. Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz

Big Stick Surfing Association (BSSA) is proud to announce the Logjam! 2012, the longest running "old boards, no cords" surfing competition is back at Pleasure Point for two days of amazing surfing action on vintage boards from the 1960's.

At 9'6" x 16 1/2 x 23 3/4 x 14 1/2, this glider is a real rider. Inspired by the man, Skip Frye, this board is a symphony of bottom contours and foiled rails.

The boys at Handcrafted really outdid themselves with perfect cut laps and flawless resin work.

Simply put, this board would go into my personal quiver but also, this one gets chalked up to community service.