Trivia Question

Ben finds this rare left to slot himself and set up the barrel. For a free bar of wax and a sticker, this week's trivia question is "name that surf spot."


Change in the Weather

The first clouds of a frisky storm front start to roll in. On the north coast, a lucky few are treated to some great waves as the swell arrives ahead of the front. The beaches are empty and head high offshore surf stacks up. Looking around I can't help but be grateful for the these slices of time when the wild is still wild.


The Old Napkin Trick

A firm believer that great ideas are often written on napkins, Robert whipped out the design for his 2 new boards right on the spot over lunch.

The curves and a good flow really show the fullness in the outlines of his everyday board and the step up board he'll use in the upcoming season. Waiter, another napkin please!