Wild and Wooly

After a nice run of surf and weather this fall and early winter, the door has now been kicked in and through it a series of storms has been pummeling the coast with heavy surf, wind, and rain. This annual scouring of the cliffs and beaches is a reminder that the sands of time wait for no one.

When the not so "pacific" ocean is on the march, it inspires awe and respect for it's moods and unrelenting power. A few days brought the low pressure close to shore which meant steep wave periods that sent rouge waves steamrolling through parts of the ocean that rarely see breaking waves.

A highlight is that the major rivers are now running and the much anticipated sand flow is in motion. Could it be a river mouth year? Well, as one sage curmudgeon once told me, if there is a big ole log jam flowing down the San Lorenzo River, there most likely will also be a big ole (surfboard) log jam at the river mouth this spring.


Rock Candy

Even Willy Wonka would be hard pressed to come up with tastier treats then these three longboards fresh from the factory.

Tim wanted a racy performance longboard for chasing the overhead waves that sweep the lineup at Pleasure Point and outlying areas. We used my favorite Phil Edwards' template, gave it a crisper edge along the tail, and made it a tri fin. With a color job like this, Tim will have no worries about getting fired up to charge the set waves.

Bill wanted an all around Cruzer that would trim and nose ride well. He also wanted something beefy that would handle the open waters off Ocean Beach. The triple stringer pin tail was a natural choice.

For Drew, we copied one of his favorite boards. This time around we added a double barrel concave through the back third of board for extra speed and drive and we also beefed up the glass job.

Three longboards with three different designs and intended uses, but they all say "hail" to the beauty of a glossed and polished surfboard.


Easy Rider in Puerto Rico

Allyn got a warm welcome in PR, scoring some great surf.

Here he slides into a nice windswept wall. In his words, "the board worked great at Wildo, just as planned. Smooth and stable on the big drops."

He then asks, "can you make me another one for here. Identical. Same yellow bottom, plain white top, all the rest the same?"

Well the answer is yes, but I may have to personally deliver this one.