What's Inside an Old Clark Blank?

Here's James, picking up his 7'10" Fun Gun that I shaped out of that crusty 7'11R Clark Foam blank.

Good quality always endures.


Dr J Gets a Handle

All my SUPs now come with handles. This 10'6" Cruzer is just right for touring around yet has enough rocker to comfortably ride a wave.


Red Rider II

This Keel Fish for Ryan is the second generation in our evolutionary quest.

This time around we pulled in the tail tip to tip and added a bit more rocker to the tail. We also lowered the rail profile just a tad.

Again, the boys at Handcrafted did an awesome job with the glass job.


Now This Takes the Cake

And I quote, "In addition to our wedding cake, my mother in law had my wife sneak a photo of my blue board so that she could get this cake made for me."

So for all you single gents out there who are thinking about taking the big drop, you really can "have your cake and eat it too"!


Small Wave Platter

Here's Eric Denault, ripping the top off small Ocean Beach on his "Biscuit" inspired small wave machine.

I've been working with the boys to develop this design and it really goes well with my Styrolite (epoxy) construction.

With plenty of skate, these little discs put you in a lot of cool places on a wave.


A Blast from the Past

I'm not very nostalgic about most things from the past. So when a customer showed up with this Clark Foam 7'11"R blank I raised my eyebrow. He figures he had it stashed in the rafters for about 8 or 10 years. Funny thing was, once I blew all the dust and dirt off and took my planer to it, the foam was nice and white with a real good firmness to it. I almost forgot how much I really liked shaping the "R" series blanks. The blank's foils and proportions were a hand shaper's dream.



As you can see, I missed a few days posting. My excuse is that I've been busy on surf explorations with the family. Over the holiday break we had classic conditions for the groms: small, clean and crisp waves. Perfect for exploring a lot of beaches and coves up and down the coast.


Creature of the Sea

Professor Bernie Tershy - biologist, conservationist, and waterman extraordinaire - stumbled upon this creature of the sea while walking back from surfing his favorite north coast reef break.

This wacky deep ocean dweller is a Longnose lancetfish (Alepisaurus ferox) and by the looks of those chompers you wouldn't want to compete with this guy for a wave.

Bernie is a firm practicioner of trying to make the world a better place and today he came through by stoking out the neighborhood with his rare find. For more on Bernie's conservation capers check out the Croll-Tershy Lab.