Greg's 2 + 1

Greg had been using a friends 6'5" CI twinfin as his "go to" board for Ocean Beach. Being a fan of foam, he was stoked on the extra volume this retro design provided.

I'm a sucker for the flat deck, beaked nose, pulled in tail, and down turned rails. When someone brings in a board like that asking for a copy or update, with no hesitation I'll say, "Let's do it!" already thinking about what blank to pull the board out of.

The 2 + 1 gives you some options but is really best set up as a twin with a small back trailer for stability. Future Fins makes a nice T1 series for this setup.

The details in designs like this are what make these boards fly. Fluted wings and slick pinlines with a gloss and polish just add to the whole deal of a custom board.


Get with the Program

If you've noticed a bunch of bronzed kids in red swimsuits running, swimming, and paddling, then you've seen the Junior Lifeguards in action.

This great summer time program brings kids together to get in shape, learn ocean safety, and compete in games and events that are fun and sometimes wacky.

The Boogie Jump is one of the wacky games. What kid wouldn't want a chance to flip, flop, and fly over a stack of boogie boards? Here Sam does a front dive to clear the stack.

The boys line up for the Distance Paddle race. This tough event includes having to navigate some surf getting in and out of the water. When the surf is up, these nippers put on a good show with their wave savvy skills.

The Taplin event is a run / swim / paddle relay. Sam puts on his game face as he readies himself for the paddle.

Ben went on a tear in the paddle events this summer, winning at the local competitions and going on to win the Distance Paddle at Regionals in Seal Beach.

Team Santa Cruz celebrates their 2nd place finish in the Run Relay at Regionals. Do these kids look fit or what? These are the future lifeguards who will be watching over our beaches in the coming years.

Ben Goes Big

After his success in the Junior Lifeguard paddle events, Ben decided to look for bigger fish to fry. Last weekend he took a paddleboard down to Carmel for a friendly paddle. He ended up winning the 2 mile course in the 12' stock division and placing 2nd overall.

As one of the older competitors asked, "How old is that kid and how did he learn to draft someone?

Ben's reply, "uhh, I'm 12 and I've just been spending time at the beach messing around with my friends." Again, the master of understatement.


Blue Velvet

Joe digs blues. On this board, he let me go off on my own with the brush stroke theme but using just the spray gun.

The soft velvety color fade, trapped by a crisp pinline, are easy on the eye and have a calming effect.

Joe gets the Ironman award this week. As he was coming down Hwy 1 to pick up his board he got stuck in gridlock traffic just north of town. Being resourceful, he simply pulled over, parked, and jogged the last 2 miles into town and to the shop. Said he was training for an upcoming triathalon so it worked out fine.

I wasn't sure if I should offer him my bike to ride back or make him paddle up the coast to his car.