Summer Sliders

These mini simmons are slippery when wet! Try one and your summer surfing may just change direction.


Thoughts on Design

This interview appeared in a book for a local company that pulled thoughts
on good design from other industries.


3D Hippy Tree

Daven wanted the 3D look so we tried the red blue stencil affect and it works when you put on the glasses. Pretty trippy.



Surfer of the Week

The NSSA was in town hosting a couple of contests at the Hook and Pleasure Point,   Sam had 2 wins in the grom division, just bettering his big brother Ben's 1st and 2nd in juniors. They took turns surfing longboard, and both came home with a win. A good weekend for Team Coffey.

NSSA Surfer of the week


Octo Quad

Zack and his new quad.


Not So Hullistic

Scott wanted the plan shape of a hull but with more gears for that single speed design.

So I added a double barrel concave, slightly more rocker out the back, and side bites Net result is something a bit more versatile for folks who like to fool around with fins and fun.


Art Director

Peter had a pretty clear vision of what he wanted his board to look like. Armed with pigments, squeegees, sponges and what not, he went to town at the glass shop.

The marbled result of this Rothko inspired board is much richer than any photo can do justice to.


Mini Me

The red board is a 8'0 mini glider. It has all the bottom features of my big boards, compressed down into a compact package that fits in the pocket and still paddles like a champ.

The yellow two-tone is a 5'4" mini simmons. This little bar of soap has a surprising amount of grip and drive and is incredibly fast.

On a lot of those in between days I'll find myself walking down to the beach with both boards. It sure keeps things interesting and I'm always learning something new.


Room and Board

Kyle flies above the Dream Inn on a new board he just picked up.  This super stoked surfer is really moving up in the world and doing some great things thru the organization he started, Surfing For Change. 

credit: Surfline


3 x 3

Three "fun guns" for the Flying Fish Surf Shop in Eureka, designed and built for wilderness surfing in the Pacific Northwest.