Coffey Table

Who could resist the play on words. It's a natural fit!

Well, Adam Brodsley and the folks at Volume Inc decided they needed a table they could use to hatch their latest visual schemes. And having a surfer in the bunch, this balsa table was born.

The added bonus is the chips and dip and beer rings wipe right off.


Aloha Egg

Came across this fabric and couldn't wait to use it with a nice color base. The panels worked perfectly for fitting in the logo.


Swiss Army Surfboard

Here's a shot of Bill's Quiver. Kind of cool how the templates dovetail into each other.


Airbrush of the Week

Happy how this airbrush was balanced and how rich the red came out.


7'10" Full Volume Gun - SOLD

For sale:

This 7'10" five stringer full volume gun is in perfect condition. Ready to ride or add to a collection. $600.


8'0" Mini Noserider - SOLD

For sale:

This used 8'0" Mini Noserider is in excellent condition. Great for the lighter beginner or as a transition down from a bigger board. Comes with a board bag and leash. $450.


Camo Boards for Wave Hunters

Since we're moving into prime wave hunting season, I thought I'd post something that might appeal to the outdoorsman.

Matt Micuda has been doing these cool camo layouts for years. I learned the technique from him.

Desert Storm with a twist of lemon.

This one I just did on Maurice's 5'10" fish.

A lot of time when I'm doing a spray I want to just stop at certain steps and say "ok, that's it, I'm done" because the image of the art in progress is so strong.

But press on we must. It's usually worth it.

More Election Results

It's official. Custom surfboards are back by popular vote. Go see you local shaper asap.

The latest batch of hand shapes ready to be hand delivered to the glass shop.


Our New President

Barack Obama glides into office with style.

Guest Post

In response to A Shaper's Quiver that Ward posted, I took a picture of my three Coffey's. I am sending a brief description of my Coffey Quiver should you choose to post it.
"Reno Dave"

Left to Right:
10 ft Stepdeck Squaretail. Great for small days and hot dogging. Volan wrap with glassed on fin.

9'10" Noserider Pintail. This is my "go to board". Handles great in waves that have more juice. It glides through sections and noserides like a dream. Volan wrapped.

9'8" Classic Rounded Pin. This is my "short board" that I use on bigger days. It's lighter (S-glass) with high performance rails and narrower outline.

With this selection of Coffey Longboards, I am covered for the conditions I surf in from San Clemente to the mouth of the Columbia River.

(thanks Dave!)