Sacred Craft Wrap Up

Here it is, the board I shaped at Sacred Craft. I was quite pleased with the final shape and stoked to copy such a cool board.

Castor 6'10" wing pintail and how it should fit in the blank provided.

Tuning the rails in the fish bowl / torture chamber.

1 1/2 hours to shape, time's almost up.

Shaped blanks await the judges scrutiny.

Results are in. No, I didn't win, but I was stoked when four of the judges came up to me and said that my board was as close to first place as you could get and that it could have gone either way. So an unofficial 2nd it is. 

Hats off to this year's winner Ricky Carroll, to the other shapers, and especially to Scott Bass for putting on the whole party. 

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Dave Aronovici said...

Great job Ward!
Thanks for representing the nothern craftsmen, you are a true ambassador!