Aloha Is Where You Find It

Gerry Lopez, master of style and grace, was in town to check up on his line of SUP boards that Surftech is producing.

The crew called to see if I wanted join them up the coast for a demo session on the boards. The waves were small but clean and a lot of aloha was shared.

Afterwards we ended up at our house to talk story. It was nice to catch up and share the things we have in common. Ben and Sam were fascinated with the stories shared. Being a fellow goofy foot, Gerry took to Ben. He now has him convinced that all the best waves in the world are lefts! Who could argue with his point of view?

And it is his point of view that makes him such a good role model for young and old. In addition to the images of him on waves, his written word and ability to tell a story stand out. A good example is his recent book, Surf Is Where You Find It. Check it out.


Todd Graham said...

Great Stuff Ward! Digging the blog ... that shot of you and Gerry with your boys in the background is pure gold.

JP from Surfy Surfy said...

hmm, why did Gerry hook up with Surfblech and not do a Patagonia SUP?

soldmysoul said...

because he is a sell out..

ward coffey said...

I'm a custom board builder and have a great relationship with Surftech and Gerry and I respect who they choose to do business with.