Two Tales

Drew's interest in all things retro took him back to the mid 1970's. This time capsule represents two design approaches that shapers and surfers were pursuing both in Hawaii and here on the mainland.

The island gun single fin with it's pulled in tail and down rails was the ultimate board for styling in the big juicy waves of the North Shore. At some point we all wanted to be Gerry standing in the barrel with his trademark style and grace.

Meanwhile, the rocket fish was finding favor in the mainland surf breaks. This speedy twin fin would fly over the mushy flat sections yet with the shallow tail and down turned knifey rail, it would hold in on the bigger stuff too.

Drew also knew this journey meant going all the way in construction. Pigmented lams. Glassed on fins. Double pinlines. Gloss and polish finish. The results should be fodder for many tales to come.

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