The Customer is Always Right

Despite all the crafty catch phrases and nifty little posts I come up with, customer comments and feedback is beyond a shadow of a doubt the best way to share the stoke and let everyone in on this far out thing called "custom surfboards". Here are some photos and kind words from a couple of my fellow wave riders.

"Just wanted to let you know once again you have succeeded in making an amazing board. Bar none the best board I have ever ridden. The size and shape fit me to a tee. It is so responsive, so quick down the line and I can make those drops that I wanted to in the past. You are a true artist. Expect to see me coming around for a long time. -Scott"

Scott also did these hand drawings.

We did outputs on rice paper and the white knock outs on the lighthouse worked perfect.

"It works great Ward! Plenty of drive and it seems to like to turn off the top. It felt like I had been riding it for years. Thanks again. -Brad"

Brad's last board had glass on keels and he was a little apprehensive about going with box fins. But after we took a good look at the options, he was super stoked to try this rasta future fin setup.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to surf some fun pre fall NW waves with Brad and got a first hand view of how well the board goes. His assessment was right on the money.

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