So the next time you call the shop for a surf report and I say it's 10' and perfect with no one out, I'll mean it. You see, I can now claim to have the closest surf shop to Steamer Lane and all I have to do is look out my front door and see that it's going off.

This mural project was painted by local artist and chalk wizard Marvin Plummer, and was masterminded by David Terrazas and the Santa Cruz Economic Development and Redevelopment Department. Here are some shots as the project progressed:

Being by the train tracks , this wall was often victim to some unsightly tags. So a fresh canvas was sprayed out.

Marvin lays out the basic outlines and starts the back fill shadowing.

Each day new elements would appear.

The day the lighthouse showed up everyone said, "Oh, I get it, that's Steamer Lane!"

Since it's done in black and white, the light during the day would change the moods and the overall feeling of the mural.

Being a surfer, Marvin was obsessed with getting Middle Peak just right and we had a lot of good conversations about it. I say he nailed it.

Talk about cherry picking the set waves! Marvin had the right tool for the job. The next time I see him in the water, my vote says he gets the wave of the day.

If you want to come share the stoke this Sunday, there will be a reception and site clean up to celebrate the completion of this cool mural.

Sunday / 27 September 2009 / 1:00 pm
820 Swift Street / 831 420 5157


Todd Graham said...

I've been meaning to ask you about that mural going up. Thanks for posting up the info! It looks great!!

johno said...

Yeah, it does look great. It even makes the gravel in front of the tracks look great.

PG said...


Thanks for this great post. I was wondering about the mural.

Paul Gallagher