Self Standing Blank

Ernie from US Blanks was delivering foam yesterday. As he was pulling blanks from the truck, I saw this blank and thought, "what the heck is that thing for?"

So I did a little research and found out the blank was for legendary shaper and forward thinker Joel Woods. Joel is best known for the Intruder series he did for O'Neills in the 60s. He also created a variety of asymmetrical shapes and foils that suited the right point breaks here in Santa Cruz.

This blank is for a reproduction of one of those shapes. I can't wait to see how the thing turns out. For me the blank in it's raw form, with it's balsa outrigger and offset stringers, stands on it's own. It really starts one thinking of the possibilities of wood, foam, and fun.


Limbless Jack said...

I really like the crazy black lines, sorta abstract

Anonymous said...

Ward - what's with the 2x4 glued to the side?

ward coffey said...

That 2x4 is actually a balsa outrigger and is part of the intended design