A Word from the Toy Maker

My fitness friends Scott and Todd at SurfStronger put together this nifty little video of me talking about getting a custom board. It gives some insight into the thoughts and process that go into shaping a board, plus the stoke I get from my customers.

As you can see, I'm serious about being a toymaker. And the gang at SurfStronger is serious about being fit and in shape to surf at your full potential. Their programs have worked great to help this stiff old geezer stay in the game. Maybe the next workout video will be ShapeStronger.


Anonymous said...

Cool video. I have the surfstronger DVD and think those guys make some good stuff. Glad to know the money I put toward the DVD came back around for a custom board.

The Ostrich said...

Hey Ward,

Congrats on the sacred craft event! This video of your process is awesome as it is exactly how I remember you working with a kook like me on my first 'real' board. 6'8" thruster with a flower on the deck! You let me watch you shape it and that is something I will never forget. That was the board I really learned to how to surf on at Cowell's of all places back in the day. Sessions complete with Ed the surf instructor telling me I would not able to ride it there however Cowell's set up a weird sandbar that year that had lefts going into the cove.
Long story short, stoked to see this site, the vid and you continuing to do what you do.

All the best.